Carb-BOOM! Sponsorship

Today I became sponsored.

Carb-BOOM! has graciously accepted me onto their team as part of Team Carb-BOOM!

I am thrilled to be joining a team of such committed and determined athletes. I have worked very hard for a long time to get my performance to a level where sponsors would consider me; today I have reached that point. Thank you, Carb-BOOM!

Carb-BOOM! Logo

Carb-BOOM! is well-known for their Gels, but they also make Hydro-BOOM!, a sport energy and electrolyte drink mix. Carb-BOOM! and Hydro-BOOM! are a part of Sunburst Nutrition, Inc. based out of Tuscon, AZ.

Carb-BOOM! Gels:

Carb-BOOM! Gels

Apple Cinnamon is my favorite, followed closely by Vanilla.


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