2007 Year in Review

It really has been an amazing year for many in my Tri-club (Cool Running Multisport). For me, this year has been magical — hard earned but very magical.

When I sit here and think back to all that happened, I shrug it off as yet another season, but I know it was not just another season. Part of me wants to erase it, in a way, for even though I have achieved more and went faster, it will be very difficult to replicate or even keep going. But that’s when I fall back to the thought that I am having so much fun in this sport, no matter what else that goes on — race results, training, injury, etc — as long as I’m still having fun, a PR, a mediocre race, or even a crash and burn will yield the same net result.

I must keep my passions in perspective moving forward, and I must keep the fun in all I do, and keep the personal friendships to fuel the engine to be able to do more and go longer.

But since it’s time to look back, as a way to look forward, here it goes…

In the year 2007, I have…

o Ran at least a mile each day of the year.
o Ran 11 marathons or marathon distance.
o Sub-3 hour marathon with a 2:56 at Sugarloaf.
o Completed Marathon a Month for a Year. (Actually made it to 14, or even 15 if you go from the day I started, not the first of the month).
o Race of my Life: Ironman Coeur d’Alene – 11:04!
o Ran a 3:35 marathon at IM CdA.
o Took 30 minutes off my half Iron time (5:12 at beginning of year to 4:43 in Clearwater).
o Qualified for IM 70.3 World Championship 2007 at Timberman
o Qualified for USAT National Championship 2008
o 20 minute PR at IM 70.3 World Championship in Clearwater! Still can’t believe it.
o Averaged 23.24 mph on the bike over 56 miles in Clearwater!
o Started placing in Top 10 in lowkey local events.


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