January Fitness Recap


Goal: Build Strength on swim, bike, and run and in weight room.Assessment: Solid month for me where I pretty much stuck to my goals. Coming out of January, I definitely feel stronger on the swim, bike, and run. Highlights for me were the quality and speed of my brick runs, my strength on the bike in putting out on average over 30W more on the same workouts as last year, and of course my epic 34 mile run in completing what I call The Derry Challenge.
Grade: B+

o Return to doing hillwork. PASS(A): alternated hills and speed once per week.
o Return to doing speedwork with longer intervals. PASS(A): alternated with hills once per week.
o Run marathon distance or more once. PASS(A++): The Derry Challenge, 34 miles! Marathon-A-Month Number 17!

o Base build for strength.
PASS(A): quality Trainer sessions!
o Get long Trainer workout to 90 minutes (just once, no need to go longer). NO GRADE: Although I hit 1:20, I purposely decided not to go 90 just yet.
o Start high cadence work (in addition to high power w/low cadence). FAIL(C-): Did mild form of HC but not enough… Will start in Feb.

o Continue Drills.
PASS(C+): Did *some* drills but not nearly what I could.
o Start Speed intervals. PASS(B): Did *some*, but not proper.
o Hit 50 laps once. FAIL(C-): Hit 45 laps or near a few times.

o Continue with a short brick bike-run at least once every other week. PASS (A+): Bricks have been quality, with fast runs.


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