Goals for 2008

Goals compiled November 23, 2007…

My goals for next year (2008) have been evolving. At first I was seriously motivated to take my Iron distance racing to the next level. Then Clearwater came where I realized that I can not only post a seriously good time, but that I can also improve that time very easily in so many different areas. With that, at this time my thoughts are to focus on both of those goals, but sort of a bit here and there, not both killer. My thinking is that if I keep getting smarter with my training, I’ll be able to continue to improve at both distances. So, on to the goals…

o Qualify for Team USA. I’ve thought about this now for a while, and that’s what I want to do. I’m in a very good place in life, both from a sports-active point and on the home front. Now is my time to shine, and I will do what I can while the opportunity is in front of me. Clearwater was what cemented this goal. It was such a great honor to race among athletes from all over the world, where you could just feel that the event was something different — something special — and I want that again. The only greater honor I can think of is qualifying for Team USA… and slipping on the red, white, and blue of my country. I smile just thinking about it.

o Average 20 mph on the bike at Lake Placid. I’m just picking a number here but I will not focus on it alone. And I will not race by that number. The gist is that I want to kickass on the bike in an Ironman. We’re talking 5 hours or something amazingly fast. I will, of course, shoot for much faster than 20, but I will do it by feel, as I always do. I averaged 19.3 in Coeur d’Alene, but I think LP is much slower a course. Either way, I want to blaze the course, but because it is tougher, I realize I will not average close to the 23.24 I did at Clearwater.

o Run another fast marathon at Lake Placid. There’s no better feeling in the world than running an entire Ironman marathon. Wait! There is a better feeling. And it is running the entire marathon and pulling off a fast run. That’s what I want to do. And I will work to be able to run fast and long after pushing the bike long and hard. I will know after the event whether I achieved this goal.

o Consistent Top-10 Finisher in Local races — This past year I got myself to finish in the Top-10 of all finishers in several local Tris and even a few marathons. I want to continue this and even start shooting for first place. Mind you, the guys who win are usually in a category by themselves, but I want to push my limits and encroach on that category. When I’m racing, they will have to share. That’s the thought process I will take into my races. The last few it has done me well; we’ll see how an entire season goes.

o Time Goals:

Since Clearwater I’ve changed my thinking on some of my goals. My thinking had been to have a complete breakout year next year. Instead, I think I will continue along my current ways of training and shoot for a serious Iron distance breakout performance in 2009. I seriously feel that another year of building strength and speed will set my stage for an amazing Ironman finish. I will scope out flaster course for 2009 and gear toward it.

4:30 half Iron — Might take me a long while to get there, but I will try.
Sub-10 hour Ironman — 2009. Placid is too hilly. Maybe Florida or Arizona.


One Response to Goals for 2008

  1. jintorcio says:

    You know… One thing that would help you get to some of these speed goals would be to find some quicker company to run with. I know how compelling the social aspect is and believe me, I look forward to every one of those runs, but… Stepping up some of those routine runs might give you a real boost.

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