February Fitness Recap

February Stated Goals

Goal: Build endurance and speed in the swim, continue building strength on the bike with a semblance of speed but mostly a slight increase in endurance, and to continue speed and strength on the run.

Assessment: February was good month for me. Despite suffering a set back in the form of the Flu for a week and a half, of which I am still recovering, the month started and progressed to that point with all I hoped. I started speed work intervals on the swim, giving me a base level to work from; I ramped up my Trainer session to the hour thirty mark and felt rather comfortable, which is impressive to me because all 90 minutes were quality work with very little random spinning about with no resistance; and the run continued well with just enough speed and hill work to keep me speedy but not enough to get me injured. Likewise, I was also able to get in month number 18 (marathon number 37 of all) in my marathon-a-month obsession.

o Continue hills (alternate w/speed).
PASS(A): did proper hill work.
o Continue speed (insert more quality, alternate w/hills).
PASS(B): did only a semblance of speed, but was enough.
o Extend Marathon-A-Month streak to 18.
PASS(A): Completed the Quannapowitt Winter Marathon at a leisurely pace among good friends. I only give this an A-grade, rather than A++, because the marathon I had intended to run (backed out because of Flu), I was going to race.

o Continue build for strength with low cadence/high wattage. (Bring avg. watts to 300)
PASS(A++): Brought power to 302 and 303W respectively on Ladder Workout prior to Flu. Still recovering but I expect to be back above 300W shortly.
o Build endurance up to 1:45. Get comfortable totaling 1:30 quality ride.
PASS(B): Did 1:30 twice and felt good. Never got to 1:45 due to Flu, but I don’t need it just yet.
o Start higher cadence work.
FAIL(C-): Got the Flu. But never tried.

o Continue drills.
FAIL(C): Did very few drills.
o Speed intervals.
PASS(A+): Established base level at the 100 yard distance.
o Endurance: 50 laps once, 60 laps once.
FAIL(F): Didn’t do, nor did I even try. Did get 44 laps but only by accident.

o Continue with short brick at least once every other week.
PASS(A++): Brick run is only getting better!


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