March Fitness Focus

March Fitness Focus

Goal: Continue building speed on the swim while also bumping endurance, continue power phase on the bike while also increasing quality endurance, and get back to more proper speed work on the run while also logging month number 19 for the marathon-a-month quest.

o Get back to proper speed work. (Focus speed over hills.)
o Continue a semblance of hill work. (Focus is speed this month.)
o Stag Run – Month number 19 in marathon-a-month.

o Get consistently over 300W on normal Trainer rides.
o Weekly quality Trainer session of 1:30.
o Long quality Trainer session of 2 hours.o Insert workout at least twice in month of bigger gear/high cadence work for top power output.
o If roads are conducive to riding comfortably, get out and ride! 

o Weekly speed session. Try to get at least one 100 yard interval close to :45 seconds per lap for 1:30. (Lofty goal since I’ve never hit :45 secs.)
o Hit 60 laps once in month.
o Do semblance of Drills.

o Continue brick run once per week after long Trainer ride.


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