Stag Run – Thank You!

A great big thank you to all who participated in the Stag Run to help me celebrate my last days (and marathon) as a free man. Each loop of the course was filled with great conversation and even better friendship. I set two PR’s in this marathon: I chatted more than in any other marathon, and I know I held a smile through the duration. I mean, I think my jaw and the muscle required to smile hurt more at the end of the 26.2 miles than did my legs.

Stag Run Bib Number

Although the Stag Run was no ordinary bachelor party, with hosts as gracious as Shawn and John Intorcio, it proved to be even better and more fun and certainly more memorable than anything other. For me it was fitting, fun, and filled with the friendship of you all, my training buddies, many of whom have become, over the years, good friends.

From the planning stages when Shawn and John enthusiastically offered the warmth of their home for the celebration, to John helping me sort through event logistics, to marking the course, the event got a jump start in a fun direction.

From the starting line ceremonies complete with a BAF (Big A$$ Flag) that supported a proper National Anthem and even an official flyover, to a few hills on loops one and two and the company to be held, to the wild and crazy and very crowded loop three, and to the beer lap of 2.2 miles to round it out, and finally to the finish line festivities and on to the party that ensued, it was a very fun and definitely memorable time.

I will never forget rounding the final corner into the Intorcio driveway and seeing police caution tape marking the finish line, behind which sat the smiling faces of so many friends. It was honestly enough to force a tear of joy. Although my pace slowed as I broke the yellow tape, the truth is by then I was just trying to stay on my feet for the warmth and kindness shown me. It was a beautiful day, and I thank each of you who played a part to make it memorable.

You guys have me still smiling. Thank you!


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