Team LIT Does Europe!

Funny thing happened to the Ironmate and I as we settled into our honeymoon trip to London and Paris.


After playing tourist about London proper, the first taste of a treasured visit from Team LIT came with a necessary stop at the London Marathon Expo to pick up bib number, timing chip, and goodie bag.


Marathon Expo


But still, Team LIT, although close to the mind and especially the heart, was only apparent in subliminal messages… like on the front of a truck in front of Westminster Abbey.


Making It Happen!


Next up was a friendly and very fun visit from a Team LIT representative from London.


Neil & Thor at The Albert


But wait! Just then, Jim and Michele, who the Ironmate and I accompanied to Scotland, made a cameo. They just had to tip back a pint of Fullers London Pride, the Pride of London!


Jim & Michele join Neil & Thor at The Albert


Almost to be out-done by a poor Old Boy (“’Cape Cod,’ never heard of it”), Team LIT wasn’t far behind.


Poor Old Boy tries to join our party before being briskly ushered out to the door step


And there, on the other side of The Albert (the pub), we made eye contact for the first time… Team LIT looked and the Ironmate and I, and we looked back, just as affectionately for what would be only the beginning of a fun journey as we pranced and played through London and Paris. So instead of the Heather and Thor and Jim and Michele romping around London and Paris together…


Team LIT joins the fun.


Team LIT in good hands at The Albert


Team LIT visits St. Paul’s Cathedral in London


Team LIT attends EPL football match between Tottenham and Middlesbrough in London


Team LIT still enjoying the soccer match


Team LIT runs and finishes the London Marathon in 2:59:33


Team LIT drank a little too much beer and had to slip out to the bathroom while…


Heather & Thor with Red Coats at The Albert


Next up was Paris!


Team LIT does Paris – Eiffel Tower!


As Team LIT stood by the side and shook its head rather embarrassingly…


Thor had to do the “guy thing” – it was only fair.


Team LIT visits Notre Dame


Team LIT (not pictured) drinks a lot of wine (reason for not being pictured) and eats too much cheese


Romance beneath the Eiffel – Team LIT does the nasty!






One Response to Team LIT Does Europe!

  1. I love it, I love it, I TOTALLY love it! Thanks for taking all of us along on your honeymoon!

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