April Fitness Recap

April Fitness Recap

Goal: Get married, have a great honeymoon, love life, run London Marathon in a good (as in fun!) time, run Boston Marathon a week later in a good (as in fun!) time, and enter the next phase of my life with the confidence that I know I have my biggest fan now nestled by my side and supporting my endeavors. The only goal this month is to come out with month number 20 in my Marathon-A-Month madness and also tackle my 40th marathon of all time at Boston. After recovering from that, I’ll get back on the bike for a huge push all the way until Ironman Lake Placid. Until then, the fun begins now!

Assessment: What an amazing month! I got married! I went on honeymoon to London and Paris! I went sub-3 at the London Marathon when I wasn’t planning on racing (but to be fair, I was trained to race half decently)! A week later I ran another of the world’s most prestigious marathons at Boston! I retained fitness even though I sampled every ale in London, some many times over, just to be sure it really was that good. And I retained fitness even though I drank a lot of wine in Paris and ate enough cheese to clog a major sewer artery. Did I mention I got hitched!



o London Marathon
PASS(A+): Sub-3 Hour marathon on my honeymoon – more than I even imagined!

o Boston Marathon

PASS(A+): 3:26:34 with ease and only a week after racing London!
o Keep the daily streak alive in all the hectic wedding, honeymoon, and travel days.
PASS(A+): Motivation strong, even on the day after going Sub-3 in London!

o Before wedding: Keep on keeping on!

PASS(A): 300W or above on all rides, one ride of 1:30.
o After wedding: Once rested after Boston, get Trainer session back to 300W avg.
PASS(A+): 300W or above on regular rides.
o Hit the roads and do some hills.

PASS(B): Hit roads but didn’t do any proper hill work. But not enough time.
o Start going long on the roads.

PASS(A): 50 miler in the bank!

o Before wedding: Keep on keeping on!

PASS(A): Kept on swimming.
o After wedding: Resume.

PASS(B+): Back in the water but no speed intervals, just tempo.
o 60 laps once.

PASS(A): Done.
o Continue speed intervals.
PASS(B): Did speed before Wedding, not after.

o Whatever: squeeze in when I can.
PASS(A+): 3 quality brick runs with solid pace!

o This is gonna be fun!

PASS(A++): A month to remember forever!


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