April Totals

April Totals

April was scheduled to be a fun month with hard work but much downtime. The only goal was to get married, drink merrily on the honeymoon, and come out with a smile in my heart and my running streak and marathon-a-month streak intact. Given that, April turned out to be all that and MORE – with a Sub-3 Hour marathon in London, a 3:26 in Boston, and just enough swim and bike to retain fitness! Add on a kickass wedding and a great honeymoon, and April ’08 will go down in my book as one to remember.

Swim: 7.39 mi (13000 yds over 6 sessions) – last month: 12.64 mi (22250 yds over 10 sessions)
Trainer: ~115 mi (5:30 hrs over 5 sessions) – last month: ~300 mi (14:35 hrs over 13 sessions)
Road: 84 mi (3 sessions) – last month: 16 mi (1 session)
Run: 173 mi (30 sessions) – last month: 217 mi (31 sessions)


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