Super Hero? Nah, Riser Oh Kilt!

Team LIT, my online triathlon club, is AWESOME!

After I announced my acceptance to Team USA with which I will compete for the United States of America (I love saving that!) at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Almere, Holland, a few of my pals on Team LIT got chattering.

After congratulating me on my entry to Team USA, the joking started, and then the teasing (in a good way) kicked in with a spin on my name, Thor, as being the God of Thunder, a super hero comic book character.

From there it got out of control:

Where's Riser Oh Kilt?

During the teasing, my buddy Chad decided to plug my full name into an anagram generator. The generator took my name, chewed on it, and spit out a few good names, one of which I LOVE!

Thor Kirleis –> Riser Oh Kilt!

Whatever the hell that means.

And then John got involved, and whenever that happens you know it’s going to be funny or the joke taken to yet another level of humor. So now I have my own stamp:

Riser Oh Kilt! On a stamp?

Only, this stamp is useless, my sliver of fame short lived, because the US Postal Service just upped the cost of postage to 42 cents! Dang.

Funny, thanks guys!


4 Responses to Super Hero? Nah, Riser Oh Kilt!

  1. jintorcio says:

    Yah know… If it REALLY bugs yah… I’ll make you a 42. 😉

  2. ironboy says:

    Inflation blows!

  3. Raquel says:

    Just make it a Forever Stamp and it’s all good. 🙂

    What’s up with the time stamp in the comments? I know it’s not after 4 PM on the East Coast unless I’m stuck in some weird time warp.

  4. ironboy says:

    Raquel said:

    > What’s up with the time stamp in the comments?

    Must be an English thing, as you’re right, it seems more a European time zone.

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