June Fitness Focus

June Fitness Focus

Goal: With Ironman Lake Placid coming already next month (did I really just write that?), June promises to be another heavy-hitting month. June should see me get my open water swim to Ironman distance, log at least one but preferably two 100 mile rides (one of which should be followed by at least a 5 mile run), and notch marathon-a-month number 22. In addition to that, I want to go under 5 hours on a rather tough Mooseman Half Iron course; with long-range forecasts calling for near 90 degree temps, it will be a great test of my fitness, strength, and race smarts with hydration, nutrition, and pacing. It’s a B-race, so I’ll do the 2 day taper, nothing more, but I still want to feel strong. Meanwhile, June should see me focus on keeping the motivation high.

o Lake Placid Marathon (MaM #22)
o Insert Speed Work, even up-tempo runs, where I can. Doesn’t have to be proper.

o Insert some hill work. Doesn’t have to be proper.

o Hill-work once per week.
o Long ride of 100 miles at least once, preferably twice.
o Midweek medium distanced tempo ride of 30-45 miles.

o Do 2 laps at Cobbetts Pond twice in the month.
o Speed intervals once per week.

o Hammer 4 mile bricks!

o One longer brick (5+ miles) after 100 miler.


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