May Fitness Recap

May Fitness Recap

Goal: With Ironman Lake Placid on the horizon, the next two months will be about the bike and getting in long bike rides. May should see me take the bike outdoors for proper hill workouts and long enough rides to get me to the point where I can easily knock off a few 100 milers in June. May should also see me return to open water, and May should see me notch marathon-a-month number 21. And since May is Merry, my goal is to keep it fun, keep the run mileage in check to avoid burnout, and keep the motivation high.

Assessment: May turned out to be exactly what I had in mind. After running the Providence Marathon in a sub-3 hour time, I promptly shifted gears to bike endurance, and where I was only hoping to use May as a time to get me in position to ride 100 miles, I actually went out and did it, and I felt pretty good. With an 80 mile ride, a 70 miler, and a weekly 1:45 jam fest, my endurance is coming around. Not only that but I also began hill work and am getting noticeably more efficient at climbing. Many of these rides were all-out hammer fests, so although I don’t have room for too many more long rides in my schedule before IMLP, I believe my strength is good to make up much of the difference. I honestly could not have asked for a better month!




o Providence Marathon (MaM #21)

PASS(A++): Sub-3 Hour marathon!
o Return to Proper Speed Work.

PASS(B): Got speed work, but nothing proper. Had to squeeze into long runs, races, etc.

o Trainer at least once per week with quality as long as temps aren’t too high.

PASS(A): Started month with 2 hour sessions once per week.
o Start proper Hill workouts on the roads.

PASS(A+): Hill work once, even twice, per week.
o Long ride to 80 miles comfortably but also pushing somewhat hard.

PASS(A): Long ride to 100. Pushed hard on 70 and 80 mile rides.
o Midweek medium distanced ride of 30-45 miles.

PASS(A+): 37 mile hard hill ride once per week!

o 60 laps twice.

PASS(B+): Only got once, but went longer outside for what would be the same distance!
o Continue speed intervals.

PASS(B+): Speed intervals once per week.
o Return to open water.

PASS(A): Now swimming open water once per week!

o Hammer 4 mile bricks!
PASS(A++): It’s amazing how fast I can sometimes run off the bike. Completely and utterly hammered some of the runs coming off 30+ mile rides.


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