May Totals

May Totals

May was scheduled to be a heavy-hitting month of core training on the bike, with special focus on endurance and transitioning the strength built over the winter into raw power on the road. And that’s exactly the way May turned out. The only running goal was to notch number 21 in my quest at marathon-a-month for a year, and not only did I nab the prized number but I also did it in the fashion of a sub-3 hour marathon finish at the Providence Marathon. More than that, May will forever be special in my heart because, during such a sturdy workload, I was selected to be a part of Team USA to compete for the US at the ITU Long Course World Championships in Almere, Holland.

Swim: 13.035 mi Total
o Pool: 8.835 mi (15550 yds over 9 sessions) – last: 7.39 mi (13000 yds over 6 sessions)
o OW: 4.2 mi (3 sessions) – last: 0 mi
Bike: 584 mi Total – last: 199 mi
o Trainer: ~82 mi (4 hrs over 2 sessions) – last: ~115 mi (5:30 hrs over 5 sessions)
o Road: 504 mi (13 sessions) – last: 84 mi (3 sessions)
Run: 162.45 mi (31 sessions) – last: 173 mi (30 sessions)


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