Mooseman ’08 Photos

Photos from the 2008 Mooseman Half Iron. Race report here!

Mooseman '08 Swim Exit
Swim Exit – Focusing on getting wetsuit down enough for wetsuit strippers right around the corner.

Mooseman '08 Bike Mile 26
Bike – Putting the hammer drop at Mile 26 of the challenging bike course.

Mooseman '08 Bike Mile 56
Bike – Nearing the finish of the 56 mile bike course.

Mooseman '08 Bike Finish
Bike – As temperatures shot toward 98F, it’s apparent by my smile that I had no idea the pain that would otherwise be known as the Mooseman Run.

Mooseman '08 Run Mile 2
Run – Legs pumping with pace at Mile 2 of the run course. But the heat was growing. Could I hold on?

Mooseman '08 Run Mile 2
Run – At Mile 2 without a clue of the battle ahead.

Mooseman '08 Run Mile 8
Run – Holding on for dear life at Mile 8 with the temperatures nearing 98F with oppressive humidity.

Mooseman '08 Run Mile 8
Run – Stuck in a world of hurt from holding on for the dear life of my run. Could I hold on? The gladiator warrior in me came out swinging. But could he, with me holding on, conquer the sweltering heat?

Finish – I did it! I held on for a solid 4:52:14 on a very, very tough day that saw carnage all over the course.

Mooseman '08 Done
Finish – Hard fought battle, and very glad to have it over.

Mooseman had to be among the absolute toughest races I’ve ever done. Holding on to that run was a battle fit only for the warrior within. It will go down in my racing career as being just as hard — if not more — than holding onto the run at Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2007. It was that tough.


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