Lake Placid Marathon Photos

Photos from the Lake Placid Marathon on June15, 2008, where I lolligagged through half in 1:34:00 in about 11th place and, seeing how far I was up front, worked my way all the way to 4th place overall with a 1:28:57 second half good for a 3:02:57.

A very fun yet entirely lowkey challenging but certainly doable course. But insert this at the end of a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike, and it will suck. Badly.

LPM'08 Mile 2
Mile 2 – Settling into good conversation among my new Iron hooligan pals.

LPM'08 Mile 2
Mile 2 – Running with Eric (shirtless) through mile 7.

LPM'08 Mile 2
Mile 2 – Moving over to the side of the road for the second aid station.

LPM'08 Mile 16
Mile 16 – On the prowl, clawing my way from 12th place to as far as I could get.

LPM'08 Mile 22
Mile 22 – After clawing my way into 4th place, feeling surprisingly good but now running on edge.

LPM'08 Mile 22
Mile 22 – The heat on the day was growing, but with ample aid stations and a keen eye on my hydration and nutrition, I was only thinking about how far up the road the guy in 3rd place was. I was sure I would get him!

LPM'08 Final Lap on Olympic Oval
Olympic Oval – Streaming around a lap of the Olympic Oval with finish line in sight. Never nabbed 3rd place, but still, I was happy with how I felt and the performace. Solid run all around.

LPM'08 Finish Chute
Finish – Hammering through the finish line chute, finishing at the same time as a half marathoner.

LPM'08 Finish Chute
Finish – Done.

Finish – Official Chip Time: 3:02:57, 4th Place Overall.

For coming in 4th Place Overall, I was awarded a nice glass-looking trophy plus a Fuel Belt. The Ironmate, who’s in need of a hydration system, was pysched. So was I!


One Response to Lake Placid Marathon Photos

  1. jintorcio says:

    Other than the fact that it took you an entire minute to go the last three feet, you look pretty fresh there at the end. I’m convinced that had you had a few more miles, you’d have tracked them ALL down!! Nice run Dog!!! (Good thing you weren’t racing!)

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