Ironman Lake Placid Tracking

On Sunday, July 20, 2008, I will bob in the waters of the starting line at Ironman Lake Placid ( I have trained hard for this event and am excited for the challenge of the course and what the day may bring.


As I’ve shared this journey with many of you, I am happy to report I can share the final leg. So come Sunday, you can track my progress in the race via Ironman Live (


Ironman Live will provide athlete splits for each of the disciplines (click link for Track an Athlete) as well as a live video feed (click Live Video) at various stages on the course so that, yes, you can even watch me finish!


Ironman is…


Swim 2.4 miles. Bike 112 miles. And run 26.2 miles. One after another. In one day. Midnight cut-off, the curtain draws. The event is… Inspiring. Awesome. Inconceivable. Long. Grueling. Powerful! That is Ironman. That is the dream. And that is what I will attempt to do.


Ironman Lake Placid is known to be among, if not the, toughest Ironman courses. The bike course is filled with long pace-killing climbs where you’re pedaling so slowly a sturdy breeze could blow you over, and descents so fast you’re on your brakes because the bike shakes when it goes above 50 mph. And the run course tops if off with rolling terrain and good climbs. In short, it is a bear.


So please send me strong thoughts, for I will need them, and I will lean on them when the going gets tough, because in a race as grueling as Ironman, the going will get tough, and my race plan will fall apart…. It’s the nature of a race so long.


Athlete Tracker


1) Go to on Sunday. The front page will have a link to the Ironman Lake Placid/USA Tracker. Click on “Track an Athlete” and enter Bib Number 840, or search by First Name (Thor) or Last Name (Kirleis).


2) A live video feed will also be available. Click around on the site, you’ll find it… and then look for me:


Swim: I will wear a full-sleeved Orca wetsuit. Wetsuit is black with the words “Orca” across the front. I’ll buy you a beer if you spot me.


Bike: I will be wearing my red Trifury uniform consisting of a dinky red Tri-top (aka my “sports bra”) and black with red on the sides Tri-shorts. My bike is a silver Tri-bike. I’ll buy you a beer if you spot me on the bike, too.


Run: Same uniform as on the bike. I will also likely be wearing a white visor (or perhaps a dark colored one) and my Rudy Project sunglasses (white w/blue reflective tint).


Photos on my blog of me in my race gear:


Estimated Times


Ironman is long. Race starts at 7 AM EST. It officially ends at midnight. So I have 17 hours to power myself 140.6 miles.


My goal is to finish feeling good about my performance, whatever that time may be. I, of course, want it to be quick and speedy, but Ironman is too long a race… anything can happen. Taking my best guess, expect me to finish in as early as 10:30 or sooner (absolute race of my life) and as late as 14:00 (something went seriously wrong). I will venture to say 10:45-11:30. But know that I will do everything in my power to break 11 hours.


Estimated Completion Times:


Race Start: 7 AM EST

Swim: 1:10-1:20 (8:20 AM)

T1: 10 minutes (8:30 AM)

Bike: 6:00 (2:30 PM – hope to go as far under 6 as possible, but bike course is hilly, and slow)

T2: 5 minutes (2:35 PM)

Run: 3:20-5:00 (5:55-7:35 PM – My goal is to run 3:30, ultimate would be 3:25 or under, but if bike course took too much out of me, figure a death-march walk of up to 5 hours)

Finish: 10:55-12:35 (5:55-7:35 PM)


Regardless of how I fair, even if something happens where I cannot finish, please do not feel badly for me because, at this point, I cannot lose. I can’t. I already won, for I am doing an Ironman. That is honor enough.


So crack a beer and watch me finish!


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