Team USA – “The Uniform!”

After I babbled near incoherently for months about the Team USA uniform, Heather finally had enough and said, “You’re gonna wet yourself when the uniform finally comes.”

She was right. I wet myself when I opened the box and out fell the red, white, and mostly blue Speedo FastSkin II Team USA uniform.

When I was a kid, one of the days I looked forward most was when the big box of soccer uniforms arrived. Since my father was coach, I always had first dibs, and I’d always search excitedly for my lucky number seven. The feeling of finding it, and it being exactly my size, was only trumped by the feeling of putting it on for the first time and, come each and every Sunday, suiting up for the weekly game.

Now, with this Team USA uniform, if I could bottle that feeling of my youth, shake it up with healthy dose of pazzazz, and open the top, it would explode into the feeling I have now when I slipped into this most amazing yet comfortable yet tight blue uniform. Seeing the letters “U-S-A” across the front garners more pride than I have ever felt. I can only imagine what those Olympic athletes must feel when they wear the colors. Wow.

Blue (and red and white) Pride!

Proudly displyaing the Team USA Uniform!


WC Competitors will see only this!

WC Competitors will see only this!

Bike Fit - Side Profile View

Bike Fit - Side Profile View

Bike Fit - Rear View

Bike Fit - Rear View


7 Responses to Team USA – “The Uniform!”

  1. Andyman says:

    I think the photos say it all! Thor, go out there and kick some international ass! Congrats on all your past and future accomplishments!!

  2. Meagan says:

    You are going to ROCK the worlds, Thor! I’m so proud of you!!! 🙂

  3. jintorcio says:

    I *knew* we were gonna have to see pictures of your butt!!!!! Dayum.

  4. Nancy Lippolis says:

    Now you get to look as good as you are 🙂 ! Congrats on achieving the opportunity to participate in this awesome event! Our prayers and best wishes will be with you!

  5. ed young says:


  6. Big Daddoo says:

    Hi TK,
    Proud of you, knock ’em dead, leave them in the dust! Let those colors fly (red, white and blue). Most of all enjoy the experience.
    Big Daddoo

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