Halfmax Photos

Photos from Halfmax, the USAT Long Course National Championships, in Boulder City, NV, just outside of Las Vegas at beautiful Lake Mead.

Halfmax National Championships
Boulder City, NV
Saturday, October 19, 2008

Swim Exit – Exiting the swim course in Lake Mead, the most beautiful body of water I’ve ever swam. Water was so clear you could see down at least 20-30 or more feet.

Bike Mile 52 – On the final ascent up to Boulder City, NV, a tough 1600 feet above Lake Mead, site of the swim. Lake Mead is pictured in the background.

Bike Mile 52 – Climbing the final “hill” toward T2, spectators were lined up at all the highway “Scenic Overlook” pull-offs. Yes, it was that hilly. This climb featured an ending with a mile long at 8% grade. And yes, it was tough.

Bike Mile 55.8 – Just after cresting the final mountain to the town of Boulder City, I had the water bottled tipped upright in attempts to get down a last salt tablet before starting the run course. By this point the heat had climbed to a very dry 85F. In short time it would climb higher. 

Run Mile 5 – The run course was among the toughest I have ever raced. With gradual up hills and downs, each climbing or dropping 400 to 500 feet in 1 to 2 mile increments, the course coupled with the dry heat and the hilly bike course, made this a very challenging run.

Finish – 10th Place Age Group M35039 Finish – Team USA and World Championships 2009 hopeful. Still awaiting final word from USAT.

2 Responses to Halfmax Photos

  1. Meagan says:

    Thor, you look like a pro! Awesome!

    Oh, and let me know when you need some swimming workouts 😉

  2. brookem says:

    what a beautiful area. my dad lives in nevada and i always think what a great area it is to bike.

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