Happy Birthday Indeed!

Today, Friday, November 14, 2008, is my 39th birthday. And so this morning, my good running buddy John asked if I wanted to go for a run or, because it was my special day, sleep in with the Ironmate. Since I sleep with the Ironmate every night and wake up beside her each morning, I decided a run would be in order. I mean, what day isn’t complete without a morning run!

And so at 5:15 am this morning my three bestest running buddies (Andy, Lori, and John) and I went for a run. It wasn’t all that different than usual because, after all, we typically run together on Friday mornings anyway. But on this morning, the morning of the day of my birthday 39 years earlier, we met for an 8-mile run over to and up and down my most favorite hill of all, Sagamore Hill.

Thor (me) and Andy in front of John’s house at the start:

After touching off at 5:15 AM from in front of John’s house, we picked up Lori a short while later before heading over to the steeper side of the infamous Sagamore Hill.

Approaching the hill, I gave warning, “I’m going twice,” and promptly picked up pace and charged up the hill. Once I reached the top, I turned and went back down in the direction in which I came. Down to the bottom, I turned and repeated. But this time, as I crested the top, knowing the time was probably near 6:05 AM, the precise time 39 years earlier my bare ass smacked the ground with a global kiss, I raised my hands in the misty air.

“I LOVE Birthdays!”

Back with my running buddies, we laughed all the way home.

Thor (me), Andy and John after we dropped off Lori:

A Happy Birthday Indeed!


One Response to Happy Birthday Indeed!

  1. jintorcio says:

    You misunderstood me! I was suggesting that *I* sleep-in with The Ironmate! Instead, I found myself out in the rain in the pre-dawn darkness of some ungodly hour so I could suck wind and car spray while trying to keep up with you running over the Alps! I gotta learn to be more clear.

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