Thor’s Thoughts – Training with Power – Part I

In the coming months I will be writing articles for Endurance Training Center (ETC). The first installment is Part I of a three-part series titled Training with Power. I will try to publish one article per week; so look for Part II next week.

As a friend of ETC, I have freedom over the topics I cover. I will write generally about cycling, but I can easily mix in triathlon. As an example, I could write about effective training on a bike Trainer.

I want to hear from you: What topics would you like to read about with regards to cycling and/or triathlon?

“Thor’s Thoughts”
Training with Power – What is Training with Power – Part I of III

Introduction as Friend of ETC

About Endurance Training Center
ETC is a “mom and pop” business that can be trusted. It is the creation of David Preston, an experienced running and cycling coach of 16 years, current cycling coach of the US Cycling Development Program, and a registered cycling coach with Although plans are to get bigger with a larger web presence, David promises individual attention and, with his deep connections, the best deal he can find for a range of cycling products – or, really, any you need.


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