May Goals

May Goals

1) CdA Decision – Get in enough quality long rides to be able to make a decision on CdA. It might be tough to get in the work I need due to weather and a busy travel month for me, but I think that even if I can’t get in a crazy long, I should be able to get in something to at least give me the sign.

2) Swim – Convert routine to open water. Continue in pool at least once per week on speed and PB drills.

3) Bike – Long. Need long. Feel good while out there. Only quality. And continue the hill work. Get climbing back to where it was. Work on cadence. It’s coming along nicely, but just keep on.

4) Run – Continue speedwork on TM. Get mile repeats up to 5. Toss in a few longer runs toward month’s end. Got a half marathon at end of month. If I’m not riding long in the days before it, shoot for an all-time PR or as close as possible to 1:20.

5) Brick – Get brick runs back to hammerfests. I don’t care how I feel on them as long as I’m moving with purpose.

Lofty goals, but except for my “injury months,” my goals have been this way.


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