Team LIT does Montreal!

Team LIT does Montreal

In mid-September 2009, Heather and Thor traveled to the Canadian city of Montreal to participate in the Marathon de Montreal 2009 events. Heather stomped the half marathon while Thor celebrated the running of his 50th marathon in fine fashion.

Bonnie, their friend from Team LIT, one of Thor’s triathlon clubs, broke from her day to hook up for hours of swapping stories, dreaming of what is to come, and laughing at good jokes.

The fun started with running events…

Heather and Thor after crossing the finish line. Heather finished the half marathon in a speedy 2:08; Thor held on to finish as first American in 3:07.

After Heather and Thor finished their races, Bonnie joined to make the party three; the three meandered around the finish line area by catching up, spying early results, and grabbing a small bite.

Bonnie (in pink) and Heather spying results of the half marathon. They didn’t need to look; Thor could have told them that Heather stomped the 21.1K distance!

The plan then was to move onward — food and beer — but before that could happen, Heather and Thor washed up and changed into dry, clean clothes.

While getting changed in the locker room at the Olympic Stadium, site of the finish line, Thor nabbed this very fitting picture of his medal and his bib number depicting his 50th go at the marathon distance!

Next up was food and beer, or maybe beer and food, or maybe if Thor had his way beer and beer. Bonnie kindly offered to drive. They immediately hit traffic, which although wasn’t ideal for the growling stomaches, turned out more than perfect since the three chatted the time away, all non-stop!

Two hours later (no exaggeration), they found food. And Thor found his well-earned beer.

Bonnie and Heather enjoying the sun on the patio of an upper Montreal cafe specializing in hamburgers.

Bonnie, Heather, and Thor enjoying the sun, each other, and the day. The three spent hours, many hours, talking and talking for an all-around very fun time.

Since Bonnie had to get going, she dropped Heather and Thor off at their hotel. From there Heather and Thor showered and then, properly launching into Honeymoon Part II mode, continued the party.

Hey Heather: Got beer?

Don’t feel badly for Thor… he wasn’t far behind.

Thor got beer!


3 Responses to Team LIT does Montreal!

  1. Silly Sally says:

    Great to meet you both! Congrats on the fine racing 🙂

  2. jintorcio says:

    Awesome stuff! Way to go in the races! And great job with the #50 bib! But how come Thor gets the little pint while Heather gets a beer that’s bigger than her head?

  3. Paul Sedgwick says:

    Hi Thor and Heather congratulations on a job “well done” in Montreal. Thank you for stopping by the Esprit Ironman, it was greatly appreciated and never to be forgotten.

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