Affirmations for 2010

A thread was started by a member of Team LIT over at; it was titled “Affirmations.”

These are more than ‘just’ goals. These are goals that will be accomplished.

Affirmations for now through 2010:

  • I will go under 3 hours in November at the Philadelphia Marathon.
  • I will get stronger and faster on the bike over the winter so that after my first race of 2010, once the local big gun cyclists see what I can do, I will be feared and I might just lay down the all-time fastest bike split in an entire race, or perhaps at a Rev3 event I will rival some of the Professional triathletes.
  • I will win a race even if I have to cherry pick, be it a 5K, sprint triathlon… any race, any size.

One Response to Affirmations for 2010

  1. runsinheels says:

    those are some good goals!
    good luck in november!

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