Trakkers: November Update

Get ready for some big news from Team Trakkers

As mentioned  in a previous post,  Team Trakkers is shaping up for 2010. We are in the final phases of selecting additions to the team, confirming existing slots, and lining up team sponsors.

Carole Sharpless, Team Trakkers fearless leader, is doing an amazing job sculpting what will be a highly visible team with a great profile. Within the month the final team will be selected, and a great list of sponsors will have fully committed.

Stay tuned for some exciting news on a shoe sponsor coming our way. It is a dream company to partner with. Very, very good stuff in addition to our existing line up for next season.

In addition to that, stay tuned to exciting news on a bike sponsor. Sharpie has done some good work to align our team with the very best. I can already feel the light touches of Carbon Fiber!

Exciting things are coming… stay tuned!


3 Responses to Trakkers: November Update

  1. Bart says:

    I can’t wait to see the selection.
    A new Bike sponsor, carbon Fiber -> Kestrel ???
    Thanks Trakker for proposing sponsoring to amator triathletes !

  2. I’m new to Team Trakkers this year and so excited about all that’s in store! Seems like a really supportive and friendly group of people!

    • ironboy says:

      Jessi, you will love being on Team Trakkers. It really is a great group supporting a kick-ass product and race series! See you around “town!” 🙂

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