MindsetTriathlon: Triathlon’s Toughest Sport Anthology

As mentioned in a previous post, my story, “Fear’s Last Gasp,” was selected to be in a book titled “Triathlon’s Toughest Sport” by MindsetTriathlon.

 In that post, I also mentioned the story was one of three finalists in contention for top slot. This, unfortunately, is not true. In my excitement over the story being accepted, I had misread the note.

Either way, my story will be included in an anthology due to be published in January of 2010. I will post details as time nears.

You can still vote for the other stories here. Registration is free and easy, and you can download a host of free books in electronic form.

 Fear’s Last Gasp is a true story of how I overcame a life-long fear of the water — and a near drowning when I was a kid — in a terrifying moment in which one day I walked into the ocean thinking it was entirely possible I might not come back out on my own accord but knowing it was something I had to do.

In that moment, I stared my deepest fear in the eyes and begged it to blink.

An excerpt:

“My deepest fear lurked in the swirling ocean before me. It was possible I might not come out alive. I was so nervous that I did not hear the horn sound to start the race, nor did I see that I was the last participant to enter the water. Instead I saw only that moment in my childhood when, not knowing how to swim, I had been tossed into the deep end of a pool.”


4 Responses to MindsetTriathlon: Triathlon’s Toughest Sport Anthology

  1. runsinheels says:

    wicked fun thor! that’s awesome, congrats!

  2. neil says:

    Very cool Thor – When I buy my copy you will have to sign it

  3. Jamie says:

    Wicked cool! I’ve always wanted to be published. Congrats.


    A SUCCESS born not by chance or luck, a true SUCCESS TARGET because cultivated through a clear, mature PLANNING, FAITH, WORK HARD, perseverance and good intentions and sincere.

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