Streak Runner: 6 Year Anniversary

Today, Monday, December 7, 2009 marks year number 6 in which I have run at least a mile every day. Though some might call me certified, as in a certified idiot, I am known as a Streak Runner or, more simply, as a Streaker (minus the nudity).

My running streak got started many years ago during a time when I was not able to run even if I had wanted. It was a promise to myself years before the streak actually started; the promise was that once I got back to running, if that ever happened, I would celebrate life and the ability to run, if even for just a mile, each and every day by lacing up the running shoes and going out for a run. Luck beheld me, back I was to running, and up started the streak. The rest is history. I have been Streaking ever since.


6 Responses to Streak Runner: 6 Year Anniversary

  1. Kelly says:

    That is certifiably amazing!! Do you ever get sick??

    • ironboy says:

      Kelly, thanks for the nice words. I rarely get sick. I’d like to say that “I’m one of them [who never gets sick]” but the truth is that I firmly believe it is because of being active and leading a healthy life. But really, who knows?!

  2. goSonja says:

    Seriously, that’s totally awesome. I have read about crazy streak runners, but didn’t know you were one of them. Keep your clothes on and keep running!

    • ironboy says:

      Thanks, Sonja, and trust me, clothes stay on, and yup, I’ll keep running… I don’t think it would be too fair to others to skimp around with my skinny white butt bare for the world to see! But they’ll have to suffer over my white legs 🙂

  3. Jamie says:

    Wow. So THAT is how you get so fast…

    Congrats on the huge milestone.

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