Trakkers: December Update

December has been a busy month for Team Trakkers. Professional triathlete and team leader Carole Sharpless has been tirelessly working with Corporate to pull the final 2010 roster together, working in conjunction with fellow professional triathlete Michael Lovato to line up team sponsors, and conducting team conference calls.

Team Trakkers 2010

Team Trakkers final roster for 2010 is now set. Members come from all parts of the US. See here for a full list, including member blogs and websites:


Team sponsors for 2010 have been finalized: Saucony, Kestrel, Tri-Swim and Tri-Slide, First Endurance.

Saucony, an apparel- and shoe-maker, will support our team with uniforms and shoes for the 2010 season. This is a relationship I am very excited to be a part of. I can’t wait to slip my feet into a pair of Saucony Grid Fastwitch 3’s!

Kestrel, a bike maker, will support our team with steep discounts on carbon fiber bikes. Check this out: bike porn!

And Tri-Swim and First Endurance will offer us top notch products and discounts to make the journey toward reaching our goals a bit easier. Check out the wealth of information at Team First Endurance to dial in your race day nutrition.

 THANK YOU to all Team Trakkers sponsors.

Rev3 Triathlon

Team Trakkers relationship with Rev3 affords us to offer a discount to any Rev3 race. Enter coupon code “Trakkers123” upon checking out at registration to save $10. Feel free to share this code!

Team Website

Team Trakkers Website is coming along. Stay tuned for it to turn live very soon!


Even with this being offseason for most of Team Trakkers, many of our members are still making news.

Thor Kirleis (me) – Thor wrote a true story titled “Fear’s Last Gasp” that will be published as part of an anthology titled Triathlon’s Toughest Sport by MindsetTriathlon in January. “Fear’s Last Gasp” is about how Thor conquered his fear of the water and an near-drowning when he was a child. Stay tuned for details.

Sonja Wieck – Sonja’s blog was selected as 1 of 10 top endurance blogs by Everyman Triathlon. Vote for Sonja here.


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