OMW: Cold

One-Minute Writer: Cold

“There is no such thing as bad weather; there is only bad gear.”

It’s true. Take this morning for instance. The temperature was 7F. It was so cold, so bitter, that you noticed even a trace of wind as it cut through to raw bone; it was so cold, so bitter, that the streets were coated in the white of dried-up salt, absent of any moisture; it was so cold, so bitter, that cars sat idle in driveways as their owners, still sipping coffee, watched from windows until the tailpipe stopped smoking.

That’s how cold it was this morning.

Still, life must go on, and if life goes on, so too does my running streak, which means so too does a morning run.

With crooked temperature readings stuck in single-digits, I climbed into running pants, pulled over my head a SmartWool base layer, tech long-sleeve shirt, and shell, and on with a pair of SmartWool socks and shoes. Before heading out the door, I pulled a hat over my head (also SmartWool) to below my ears, and finally I stuffed my hands in a pair of heavy-duty mittens fit for the ski slopes. For the conditions, I had on the proper gear.

Upon returning from my run, if you had asked me how it was, I would have said it “wasn’t too bad.” But the more I think about it, the more I realize this answer isn’t accurate. “Wasn’t too bad” implies it was indeed bad. This wasn’t bad – not at all. And it wasn’t bad because I had on the right gear. The right gear had, in fact, made it feel like any other run, for I was able to control the feel of my environment with proper gear.

So if you’re dreading that cold spell coming to town or if you get uncomfortably cold while out for a run in low temperatures, always remember this:

There is no such thing as bad weather; there is only bad gear. The proper gear will keep you running comfortable regardless of conditions.

For base layer and socks consider SmartWool.


One Response to OMW: Cold

  1. I completely agree that gear sets you free in almost any weather condition!

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