Trakkers: January Update

January has been a busy month for Team Trakkers. Professional triathlete and Team Trakkers leader Carole Sharpless has been very busy working with both corporate and team sponsors to get things going. On the sponsors front she’s done a remarkable job!


Team Trakkers is happy to have supporting their cause the following top-flight companies: Rev3, Saucony, Kestrel, All3Sports, First Endurance, and Tri-Swim.

Many thanks to Saucony for helping the team with high-performance running shoes. I am now training in Saucony ProGrid Triumph 7.

Stay tuned for other good things to come from both Saucony and our other sponsors. At this hour it looks like First Endurance is already helping us achieve our goals, both as a team and individually, with nutrition support of the finest from the finest. My order is already in. Can’t wait to see how First Endurance helps me kickass!


Saucony has graciously taken the lead on Team Trakkers uniforms. Orders have been placed, and they are diligently processing them. One thing is for sure: the infamous Trakker GREEN will be featured!


Check out the team website if you haven’t already! Featured are team member bios (including Pro’s and amateurs), Trakkers GPS information, and other kick ass stuff.

Share the Glory:

Rev3 Race Series

Many top-named Pro’s have been signing up for one or all of the Rev3 Series races. Here is the current list:

Cedar Point

With Matty Reed, Craig Alexander, and Michael Lovato, among others, fighting for top honors on the Mens’ side; and Mirinda Carfrae, Natascha Badmann, and Amanda Lovato on the Women’s, each race will be a duel to the end. Don’t miss it. Especially with Trakkers GPS technology bring the race to you. You will be able to Share the Glory these fine professionals aim for.

Did You Know

Tara Costa, fame from the Biggest Loser, has signed up to do the Rev3 Race Series! So if you see a familiar face at any Rev3 event, yup, that would indeed be her!

Fun Slogan

Share the Glory,
Live the Glory,
Be the Glory!


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