Training Week 2/20

Training for the week of 2/20 to 2/26:

The goal for the week was to recover sufficiently from racing Martha’s Vineyard 20 Miler last Saturday so that I could still maintain quality in speed and hill sessions for the week. Having run marathon distance that day, I wanted to be cautious this week, so I set as a goal to get in hill work that resembled more speed, and if I were also able to feel well enough recovered to get in speed, then I would do that.

Lucky I recover fairly quickly, so I was able to get in both hills and speed.

Sun – 4 miles, easy social
Mon – 3 miles, easy
Tues – 5.65 miles, easy social
Wed – 12 miles HILLS/SPEED
Thurs – 5 miles, semi-tempo
Fri – 9.2 miles SPEED
Sat – 22 miles, easy social

Wednesday Hill/Speed (done on TM @ .5% incline unless noted):
o WU – 10 min
o 7 min @ 5:56
o 5 x 3 min @ 6:15, 3% incline w/3′ recovery jog (left incline on 3% for recovery)
o 2 x 3 min @ 5:24 w/3′ jog
o 5 x 30 sec @ 6:00, 5% incline w/45 sec jog (left @ 5% for jog)
o 5 x 45 sec @ 5:02 w/1′ jog
*Started shorter intervals (ie 30/45 sec) 15 seconds early so that I didn’t cheat the duration, since it takes roughly 10 seconds to get up to speed.

Friday Speed:
o WU – 10 min
o 7 min @ 5:56 w/3′ jog
o 12 min @ 5:56 …
o 12 min @ 5:56
o 8 min @ 5:56

Saturday long run was very long in total time of 3:12 from start to finish, time including stops for water, stretching, bathroom. Body beat up, joints sore, a lot of time on feet.

After so many months, I am finally starting to get some pop back in the legs. Since Stone Cat 50 in November, I was plagued with a little bit of dead legs, no spunk or jump. It is slowly coming back.

National Marathon: March 26. Not long off now. Focus here on out will be longer intervals (see Speed Workout above — more like it) and hill work. Goal will be to recover from last two weekends, continue the speed, and see to it the legs are feeling faster than they are now. This upcoming week will be more along these lines.

On top of that, I start a new job on Monday…

“Decide to be successful, and then do it.”


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  1. jintorcio says:

    “22 miles, easy social” Fookin’ nut.

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