Training Week 2/27

Training for the week of 2/27 to 3/5:

In addition to starting a new job this week, I was also able to stay on track with my training goals for the week, which were to continue with a semblence of hill work and forge ahead one step higher with speed sessions.

I was asked by a member of my online triathlon group what my training methodology was, so I thought I’d list that out here.

Each season is different. I have been doing this a long time, and so to keep things interesting so that I stay motivated, I do workouts that are equally “what I should be doing” and fun at the same time. Fun is really just what I decide to focus on for the season.

This season, like in most, I am focusing excusively on Running Economy at slightly faster than Marathon Pace (MP). The idea is to train the body to adapt to MP so that energy output is efficient and the body is accustomed to the pounding. My speed sessions step me toward that. The fun part introduced is the top-end speed intervals coupled with the slightly faster than MP longer intervals. Mind you, the “slightly faster than MP intervals” seem, on paper (5:56), to be far faster than MP (6:50), but in reality the Treadmill (TM) is NOT the same as running on the road, so when I account for differences I have similar energy output at these paces. That’s the idea anyway.

The week was good as I achieved my goals:
Sun: 2.5 miles, snow run w/MicroSPIKES
Mon: 5 miles, easy
Tues: 9.3 miles, hill work (both UP & DOWN)
Wed: 5 miles, easy
Thurs: 12.5 miles, speed – SOLID!
Fri: 5 miles, easy
Sat: 15 miles, some faster running for a change, pace 7:00 to 8:00

Tuesday Hill Work (roads):
WU – 45 min social run
6 x Hill (charge hill UP + jog 10 secs + charge hill DOWN)
*Hill was a ~2 minute hill (takes 2 minutes to climb)

Thursday Speed (TM):
o WU – 10 min
o 7 min @ 5:56 w/3′ jog
o 3 min @ 5:13 …
o 3 min @ 5:10
o 3 min @ 5:07
o 3 x 12 min @ 5:56
(12.5 mile in 1:20)

Best takeaway from the week is that my legs are really coming into form. The last two weeks I have finally felt snap in the legs, feeling more smooth than before, and slowly feeling fast. Got a reoccuring knee issue that has been coming and going but otherwise manageable.

Goal for next week is to continue this trend. Only one/two more weeks before taper.


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