Training Week 3/6

Training for the week of 3/6 to 3/12:

Things are finally starting to come together.

After several solid weeks of training including ramped-up speedwork, my legs are finally feeling snappy. At times I even feel light on my feet. My body is responding well. My legs are feeling stronger and coming around to feeling fast. And all is falling into line.

Which is good timing. Because National Marathon, my target race for the spring, is now less than two weeks away.

The week started with me being “talked” into joining good buddies Brian and Frankie for Stu’s 30K. This in itself wouldn’t normally be such a talking point except for the fact that the day before Stu’s I ran 15 miles with some other friends. But my body and legs felt pretty darn good afterwards that I was easily persuaded to join the fun.

Stu’s proved to be a great confidence booster. The three of us ran together the entire way. We did not race but instead used the race format to get in a workout: 5 miles easy (at whatever pace), 5 miles @ MP, 1 mile easy, 4 miles at MP, jog home. We nailed the first 5 at 6:45 pace and the next 4 at 6:35. And my legs felt GREAT! It was fun to run with those boys again. It’s amazing how well matched we are in ability.

Two back to back “long runs” frame a very good week in which I accomplished all goals:

Sun: 19 miles (Stu’s 30K – including 5 @ 6:45 and 4 @ 6:35)
Mon: 3.5 miles easy – rest day
Tues: 9.3 miles social + hills
Wed: 6 miles semi-tempo
Thurs: 12.5 miles speed – SOLID workout
Fri: 4 miles easy start
Sat: 16 miles, mostly social w/5 @ 6:50

Tuesday Hill Work (roads):
WU – 45 min social run
6 x Hill (charge hill UP + jog 10 secs + charge hill DOWN)
*Hill was a ~2 minute hill (takes 2 minutes to climb)

Thursday Speed (TM):
o WU – 10 min
o 7 min @ 5:56 w/3′ jog
o 3 min @ 5:10 …
o 3 min @ 5:07
o 3 min @ 5:05
o 3 x 12 min @ 5:56
(12.5 mile in 1:20)

Goals for next (this) week will be to recover from weekend long run and 5K race (already into this week), get back to hills on Tuesday, and a scaled down speed session on Thursday. Keep the snap in the legs.

“You can physcially motor on long after your mind tells you it is done.”
“Just because you feel like death and want to stop, this does not mean you will die or have to stop.”
“Be stronger than the urge.”

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