Training Week 3/13

Training for the week 3/13 to 3/19:

Training this week started with a high by running the Ras 5K road race (more on that in a bit) in PR time (surprise!), dipped low with Sciatic issues due to being stuck in training class all week at work, and then ended with a high again in the way the week rounded out.

Before I dive into the details, let me say that since I started up the ‘Training Week’ posts it has become apparent that I should be running my weeks from Monday to Sunday rather than Sunday to Saturday to better align with the week and how my goals fit in. So after the National Marathon, coming THIS Saturday, I will switch it up.

The week started with an extreme high when I hammered out a 17:43 (5:43 pace) at the Ras na hEireann 5K on Sunday. What made it so sweet was that not only did I run hard and feel comfortable and light on my feet doing it, I also set what appears to be an all-time PR! Very exciting for me since, after all, I don’t set too many PR’s now a days.

Work during the week had me in training all day all week. This, unfortunately, flaired up my chronic sciatic issues due to the chairs available. So all week I was doing pretzel stretches to alleviate the pulling and pains being thrown to the foot and knee. Sadly I was not very successful. And even more unfortunate is that I am in training all this week, too. In the same room. With the same chairs. My hill workout suffered because of it.

The week ended nicely as I was able to get in a “scaled back” speed session and feel good doing it, and then I was able to run socially and feel good doing it on Friday and Saturday.

That leaves me feeling very good in my abilities to go under 3 hours next Saturday at the National Marathon. It’s a fairly tough course as far as marathons are concerned, as there are many long graduals. But I’m feeling good (as long as I can keep the sciatic issues constrained). I am ready. And I am excited to see what I have.

The lure of pulling a sub-3 is great. Ever since becoming a Master runner at 40 years old (I am now 41), my goal has been to go under three hours for the marathon. Just once is all I want. If I can do that then I will have gone under three in my 20’s (during the 1990’s), 30’s (2000’s), and 40’s (2010), a span of three decades. I like how that sounds. And that’s what I want.

The week:

Sun: 5 mile (Ras na hEireann 5K – 17:43, 5:43 pace, 3rd Master, 27th overall of 6000)
Mon: 2.5 miles easy – rest day
Tues: 5.65 miles social (wasn’t ready to do hills today so put it off to Wed)
Wed: 8 miles, 5 x Hill (charge UP + jog 10 secs + race effort DOWN)
Thurs: 9 miles speed – good workout
Fri: 6 miles social
Sat: 9 miles social

Wednesday Hill Work (roads):
WU – ~25 min
5 x Hill (charge UP + jog 10 secs + charge DOWN)
*Hill was a ~2:15 minute hill (takes 2:15 minutes to climb)

Thursday Speed (TM) – 9 miles in exactly 1 hour:
o WU – 10 min
o 7 min @ 5:56 w/3′ jog
o 3 min @ 5:10 …
o 3 min @ 5:07
o 3 min @ 5:05
o 2 x 8 min @ 5:56

Goal for this week is to rest, tend to the sciatic issues, and keep the snap in the legs with some strides on alternate days.

“There are no break-out races. Everything is earned. Hard work earlier in the training cycle ensured a fast race. The break-out then is the confidence in ability aligning with reality. ‘Did I just run that fast?’ Yes. Yes you did.”


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