Training Week 3/20

Training for the week 3/20 to 3/26:

The week leading up to the National Marathon, my target race of the spring season, was disappointing. On Sunday, the first day of the week, with the marathon only 6 days away, I came down with a cold, probably the same one ripping through all of the northeast. Low energy abound and congestion and headaches. I wasn’t sick enough to be knocked out, but I was to know that my energy was weak. I did a good job at compartmentalizing the sickness with my anticipated performance several days later, but still, it did hit my confidence in my ability to race this sucker like I had wanted — and like I had trained.

Workouts during the week weren’t impacted. To be honest, if I were to get sick, and if the cold were to run through my system quickly, it would have come at a very good time, since the week was about resting up with scaled back mileage. The cartoon in my head saw it that everything would be okay.

Thankfully, that is exactly what happened. And I did my part to make it so by keeping mileage easy and short, and staying strong on healthy eating, taking some vitamins, a few Airbornes (sp?), and plenty of fluids (which was not a problem since I drink a lot of water anyway). Over all of this the gunk in my lungs grew and grew. As of this writing, now several days after the marathon, the gunk is still there, but just lingering, as the cold is now long gone, officially kicked on marathon day.

More will be written on the marathon (stay tuned to this page), but the weekly training went something like this:

Sun: 8+ miles easy, social (obviously sick)
Mon: 2 miles, plod (sick)
Tues: 5.65 miles, plod (sick)
Wed: 3 miles, easy, attempted strides, no energy (sick)
Thurs: 3 miles, easy, attempted strides, low energy (sick)
Fri: 3 miles, easy + 1.5 miles (later in day)
Sat: 28 miles total (National Marathon: 3:03)

Goal of the next week will be to recover from calf that seized at mile 8 of the marathon. Kept pushing through the calf, knowing damage was happening, knowing I wouldn’t be able to walk as soon as I stopped running, and that’s what happened.

Preliminary results had me thinking it was a real injury, like one that would take months to get over, while now, a few days later, I’m thinking it is something I can get healed with diligent stretching within a month. Hopefully in time for Boston!

National Marathon race report coming soon.


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