Training Week 3/28

Training for the week 3/28 to 4/3:

Training for the week was non-existent. Even if I had not gotten injured during the National Marathon, with my left calf seizing at mile 8 and me running through it to the finish knowing there would be damage, this week — one after racing a marathon — would have been about resting and recovering.

Now with the injury, the week was about healing. That’s all I was able to do anyway. Because I couldn’t run. Not with this injury. So I did just enough during the week to keep my running streak alive (I have been Streak Running since 12/6/2003 with at least a mile a day since then).

Sunday, the day after the race, was bad. The calf was stiff and sore and swollen, and over time I saw a halo of discolored internal bruising. Being on vacation in Washinton DC was actually nice, since I was forced to do a lot of walking. After 6 miles of hobbling around, the calf started loosening its grip but never enough to be able to walk normally or even comfortably.

The ensuing days were much the same, with the calf gradually letting go of grip, but only after serious (but gentle) stretching. Walking seemed best. Normally I would not walk as much as we did, but being on vacation left little choice. All of which was a blessing in disguise.

At this point it seems that I will have to forgo Boston (ie forgo running the Boston Marathon). But I won’t make the call official until later, as I still have two weeks. And it’s because I know how these things tend to heal. Typically the injured area stays tender for a bunch of days; then after a certain amount of time, healing starts, and when that happens it heals rapidly. So I’ll hold off decision on Boston until a later time.

Either way, Boston was never a target race. Although I had wanted to race it, the truth is that I was focusing on National Marathon the whole winter. So no harm or worries.

Focus of this upcoming week is to stretch the calf, conduct deep tissue techniques on it, and get this healed. If healing progresses, I might even ramp up a few social miles. But nothing more. Not at this point. The big picture is getting healthy for the mountain race series and running Mount Washington. Everything else, including Boston, is secondary.


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