Training Week 4/25

Training for the week 4/25 to 5/1:

Training for the week last week was the beginning of what I called “Hill Immersion.” Hill Immersion is exactly what its name implies: Hills. And being immersed in them.

Now with spring marathon season in the rearview mirror, it was time to hit up the hills for preparation for both Mount Washington and the USATF-New England Mountain Race Series. Because I wasn’t able to start hill training any earlier, due of course to speed workouts required of marathon training, this is trial by fire, or as I like to say, “Immersion.” Hill Immersion.

I was able to get in three quality hill runs — one on the treadmill for a longer sustained climb, one on a shorter hill for repeats, and another on a much longer climb for more repeats.

Although I did not feel smooth while running the hill sessions, I was at least slightly ahead of where I was this time last year.

The week was a major success in that I was able to do exactly what I wanted workwise (though I would have preferred to have felt better), but it wasn’t without the downside of feeling extremely beat up in the body. It showed me that I should have probably used another week to recover from Boston and National Marathons. The reality, though, is that with Mount Washington being in mid-June, training time is reduced to the merry month of May. That’s it.

Mon: 6 miles TM HILL
Tues: 5.65 miles easy, social
Wed: 9 miles, including 9 x Prospect Hill
Thurs: 4 miles easy
Fri: 6 miles easy, social
Sat: 11.5 miles, including 5 x Blue Hills Auto Road
Sun: 10 miles easy, social

Quality Workout Breakdown:

Monday (6 miles)
o WU – 10 min easy @ 1% incline
o 10 min @ 14%, pace 12:30
o REST: 2 min @ 12% (pace ~15:00)
o 8 min @ 14%, pace 12:30
o REST: 2 min @ 12% (pace ~17:00)
o 8 min @ 14%, pace 12:30
o REST: 2 min rest @ 12%
o Fartlek for remaining 18 mins (1 min @ 12% pace 10:30; rest @ 12%; 5 min @ 15% pace 15:00; etc.)
Summary: 50 minutes of running at 12% + incline.

Wednesday (9 miles)
9 x Prospect Hill – 3:01, 3:04, 3:00, 2:59, 3:00, 3:03, 3:06, 3:04, 3:07

Saturday (11.5 miles)
5 x Blue Hills Auto Road: 7:38, 7:41, 7:49, 8:01, 8:03

Focus for the upcoming week will be a continuation of Hill Immersion and to get more comfortable running pace on inclines. Being that I am feeling very beat up, I must balance the goal of getting in three quality hill sessions in with my recovering. Three runs matter: TM incline, Hill Repeats, Mountain Repeats. Let’s see!


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