Training Week 5/2

Training for the week 5/2 to 5/8:

Training this week focused on the continuation of Hill Immersion, where I run hills, hills, and more hills for at least three hill workouts per week for two to three weeks in a row.

I did just that, completing week number two, though not without putting in a lot of effort tending to my hamstring and getting in the workouts without the joints in my body getting too sore. Gotta be smart here. Week number three may fall short. And it’s okay.

The hammy seems to require a day or two after a tough hill session to get back to mostly normal — where I can at least stride long and strong. It seems to depend on the workout.

Monday was a longer, steady climb on the treadmill, of 30 minutes at 14% grade and 12:30 pace. Wednesday was hill repeats. And Sunday was longer intervals on the Blue Hills Auto Road. Sunday was mostly garbage due to racing a 5K the day before.

So the week was about getting in one workout and using the next day or two to recover for the next. Timing wise, I got lucky with my race, because after my Wednesday hill repeat day, it took me all of Thursday and Friday to get the hammy back in order. Going into the 5K, I was so worried about the hamstring that, honestly, I was eying alternative plans to instead run easy with friends. But Saturday morning, all systems were a go.

And so on Saturday I defended my title of overall win at MSL Race Judicata 5K. At the ripe ago of 41, a win never gets old. Because you never know if it will be your last. I’m not fast enough to show up to any old race and go for a win. So this was nice. Making it even better is that I have become good friends with the race director over the past year. So it was good to show my support and help bring a few people to the race. Stay tuned for a race report.

The week went something like this:

Mon: 3.5 miles easy + 4.5 mile TREADMILL INCLINE (30 min @ 14%, 12:30 pace)
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Wed: 10 miles, 10 x HILL REPEATS
Thurs: 4 miles easy, hammy hurt
Fri: 4 miles easy, hammy hurt
Sat: 9 miles total including 5K @ 17:07 (5:13 pace) – OVERALL WIN!
Sun: 9 miles, 4 x Blue Hills Auto Road, easy repeats due to body being so tired and hammy issues.


Monday (4.5 mile Incline run on the TM in 45 minutes):
o WU – 10 min
o 30 min @ 14% grade, 12:30 pace
o CD – 5 min

Wednesday (10 mile hill run with repeats):
o WU – 5 mins
o 5 x Prospect Hill Front & Back (chrg up, recover down other side, chrg back up, recover down back to start)
o CD – 8 min
3:09, 2:39
2:58, 2:40
2:59, 2:46
3:04, 2:49
3:02, 2:46

Sunday (9 mile hill run early this morning):
o WU – 13 min
o 4 x Blue Hills Auto Road (8:28, 8:08, 8:17, 8:26)
*Repeat = jog up + jog back down (too tired and sore to charge so jogged up)

Focus for this upcoming week will be a continuation of Hill Immersion while perhaps dropping one of the hill sessions in hopes to best heal the hamstring and get the body back to strong. So goal will be three workouts, as in previous weeks, but I’d take two. Mount Washington demands it.


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