Training Week 5/9

Training for the week 5/9 to 5/15:

Training this week was about running hills. The week was the third and final of my Hill Immersion experiment of three quality hill sessions per week for three weeks.

Although the week was rough, with me being slower than normal and tired in the body on my workouts, and although my hamstring was talking to me, I am happy to report that I got through it. Not only that but I think I am also on the healing side of the hammy injury. I am hopeful that this will be the last time I speak of it even though it pulled quite a bit early in the week.

Another win this week was that I was able to kick start my training for TransRockies Run with my teammate, Jay Newton. We met on Saturday for a romp up and down Wachusett Mountain. Jay and I are very compatible with pace. The key for us will be to get in enough runs together so that we can learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to feel the pace out, so that we don’t burn each other out once we get to Colorado. We got off to a great start. We ended our run with a Newton Pliny. How is The Elder? Better than the original.

The week…

Mon: 4 miles easy
Wed: 5.65 miles easy social
Thurs: 10 miles, 10 x PROSPECT HILL, slow
Fri: 3 miles easy
Sun: 6 miles easy social

Quality workouts…

Tuesday (5.5 mile TREADMILL INCLINE in 1 hour):
o WU – 10 min @ 1% incline ~7:30 pace
o 30 min @14%, 12:30 pace (that hurts)
o 2 x 1 min @ 12%, 11:30 pace w/2 min jog @ 12%, 14:30 pace
o 3 x 2 min @ 12%, 11:30 pace w/2 min jog @ 12%, 14:30 pace
*Solid work that saw 30 min @14% encapsulated in 50 min total of running at 12% or greater incline, most of which was at an honest pace. All recovery was at 12% and 14:30 pace.

Thursday (10 miles HILL REPEATS):
o WU – 6 min (run to hill)
o 10 x Prospect Hill (3:09, 3:06, 3:00, 3:02, 3:02, 3:05, 3:07, 3:13, 3:12, 3:11)
o CD – 8 min
*Far slower than normal. Tired, joints sore, hammy pulling.

Saturday (~11 miles MTN RUN in 1:48):
o 3 x Mile Hill Road (8:02, x, 8:05)
o 5.5 Wachusett Mountain Trail Race Course
o 1 x Mile Hill Road
*No issues. Felt great.

Focus for the upcoming week is to get in two quality hill sessions, one a TM INCLINE run (or MTN RUN) and one HILL REPEAT run. But only if I’m feeling good. The first mountain race in the USATF-NE Mountain Series is on Saturday at Northfield Mountain, so the goal is to be able to get in the quality workouts early enough in the week to be able to hit the mountain race feeling good.


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