Training Week 5/16

Training for the week 5/16 to 5/22:

Training for the week went exactly as planned — albeit on the slow side. I was able to get in four quality workouts, including the first race in the USATF-New England Mountain Series at Northfield Mountain.

Although I was slower than hoped on the Wednesday hill repeats workout, it was not unexpected due to me wanting to cram in as many of these workouts as my body (and mind) will allow. The proof this is working (ie Hill Immersion Training) is that I ran very well at Northfield.

The week:

Mon: 3 miles easy + 5.5 mile TREADMILL INCLINE @14%
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Wed: 10 miles HILL REPEATS (10 repeats of 3′ hill)
Thurs: 4 miles easy
Fri: 5 miles social
Sat: 9.5 miles MTN RACE (10.3K race)
Sun: 9+ miles MTN CLIMB AUTO ROAD (Wachusett Mtn)

Quality workouts went something like this:

Monday (TREADMILL INCLINE – 1 hour session – 5.5 miles):
o WU – 10 min @ 1% incline
o 30 min @ 14%, 12:30 pace w/2′ jog @ 12%, 14:30 pace
Then added the following, each w/2′ jog @ 12%, 14:30 pace
o 1 min @ 12%, 10:54
o 2 min @ 12%, 10:54
o 3 min @ 12%, 10:54
o 2 min @ 12%, 10:54
o 2 min @ 12%, 10:54
*Total of 50 min @ 12% or greater incline, most at honest pace.

Wednesday (REPEATS – 10+ miles with 10 repeats 1:15):
o WU – 5 mins
o 5 x Prospect Front & Back (10 repeats in total)
o CD – 8 min
*Repeats (same workout two weeks ago):
3:11, 2:39 (3:09, 2:39)
2:57, 2:38 (2:58, 2:40)
2:56, 2:38 (2:59, 2:46)
2:58, 2:40 (3:04, 2:49)
3:05, 2:42 (3:02, 2:46)

Saturday (10.3K MTN RACE in 45:14):
1300 feet of climbing
USATF-NE Mountain Series Race #1
46th place overall of 250
13th place AG 40-49

Sunday (9 mile MTN RUN):
Wachusett Mountain Auto Road (steep route)
Did top circle (up steep way) x 2

Goal for the upcoming week will be to recover from weekend’s worth of pounding (down at both Northfield and Wachusett on Sat/Sun took a slight toll) and get on with a mid-week session of repeats. Now that the mountain races have started up, I’d like to go into each with enough rest. So this week will be repeats on Wednesday, mountain race on Saturday, and that will probably be it. The hope is to head on a little field trip on Memorial Day to Mount Washington, assuming weather holds. So if that’s the case, Sunday will be light too.


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