Training Week 5/23

Training for the week 5/23 to 5/29:

Training for the week went according to plan even though it also looks better than it should have. The reason for it looking good is that I was planning on heading up to Mount Washington for a training run on the Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, which would have put that run into the following week, but after talk with my wife on our weekend plans, and after feeling pretty good after the Wachusett Mountain Trail Race, I decided to run the rockpile on Sunday, a day earlier, even though I wasn’t fully recovered. It just worked out that way.

Highlights of the week were that I felt fairly smooth and strong during my mountain race, even over the technical parts. I stayed ahead of the people I wanted to and came closer to those people who last year had more clearance on me.

As good as it was to maintain positioning in the mountain race, the real highlight of the week was running the rockpile. It was my third go up the mountain. Although it took me to Mile Post 1 to get my head in the game, once I was all aboard things actually felt pretty good. I had fun snapping pictures along the way and pondering all the atmospheric changes. Life was pretty good. I ran every step of the way when not grabbing pictures. Best part is that Mount Washington, for the first time ever, seems doable. I suppose this came with experience. Not so nice to see was that the old man is still stubborn.

The week…

Mon: 3 miles easy
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Wed: 10+ miles HILL REPEATS (HILL x 10)
Thurs: 5.5 miles trail, social
Fri: 5 miles social
Sat: 10 miles total, Wachusett Mountain Trail Race – 4.75 miles, 36:04, 30th Overall, 8th AG M40-49
Sun: 8 miles, MOUNT WASHINGTON TRAINING RUN – 7.6 miles, 1:39

Quality workouts…

Wednesday (10+ miles HILL REPEATS 1:19):
o WU – 7 min
o 10 x Prospect Hill
o CD – 8 min
*Repeats: 3:08, 2:54, 2:59, 2:58, 2:59, 3:00, 3:02, 3:04, 3:05, 3:04
**Felt okay strength-wise but hammy really pulling.

Saturday (4.75 miles MOUNTAIN TRAIL RACE):
Wachusett Mountain Trail Race
36:04, 4.75 miles, 30th Overall, 8th AG M40-49

Sunday (7.6 miles MOUNT WASHINGTON):
*Kept effort “easy”. Stopped to talk to friends at .5 miles in. Took pictures at each Mile Post. So time and splits were slow. Mile Post Splits:
1 – 12:32 (stopped for ~3 to 4 minutes to talk to friends)
2 – 11:29
3 – 12:22
4 – 12:11
5 – 14:07
6 – 13:55
7 – 14:56
7.6 – 8:13 (1:39)

Next week…

Goals for the upcoming week will be to recover from weekend back-to-back workouts, skip mid-week hill repeat session and instead head to Wachusett for an auto road/trail run (with a few repeats), and in general start the beginning of my rest phase now that the mountain races are in full swing.


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