Training Week 6/6

Training for the week 6/6 through 6/12:

Training for the week went much better than expected, mainly because I started the week still straddled with allergies that had me at low energy — a carryover from the previous week — but started springing back to life feeling better each day. I went from plodding through my daily runs to running hills and actually feeling strong.

A good week like this couldn’t come at a better time, because with less than a week to go until Mount Washington Road Race (Saturday, June 18), it is nice to feel human on the run again. I still hold to my earlier beliefs in that I am probably stronger this year over last year, but I am slower. So although I will try to beat my time running up the rockpile on Saturday, I will not be upset if I come in slower, as metrics show me that I am indeed slower. Either way, it’s great to be feeling strong and energetic after a few weeks of the opposite

The week went like this…

Mon: 3 miles slow, low energy
Tues: 5.65 miles social, low energy
Tues-double: 7 miles HILL REPEATS, 6 x Spickett Hill
Wed: 6.5 miles including HILL CHARGES, 10 x School Grass Hill
Thurs: 5 mile social trail run, easy
Thurs-double: 8 mile TRR Run, HILL REPEATS, 7 x Nashoba Ski Trail
Fri: 4 miles easy
Sat: 11 miles MOUNTAIN REPEATS @ Wachusett

Tues (7 miles road):
o WU – 5 min
o 6 x Spickett Hill (x:xx, 3:44, 3:44, 3:49, 3:59, 3:52)

Thurs (8 miles trail w/Jay):
o WU – 20 min
o 7 x Nashoba Ski Trail (3:00, 2:58, 3:01, 3:04, 3:02, 3:04, 3:05)
o CD – 20 min

Sat (11 miles road @ Wachusett Mountain):
o WU – 5 min
o 1 x Mile Hill Road (7:39)
o 3 x Steep section way to Summit (9:30, 9:35, 9:35)
o CD – 20+ min run down mountain

Coming off a few weeks of low energy due to allergies, this coming at a time when my body was very tired from training for MWRR, I approached these key workouts with caution and a goal of not pushing more than my body can handle. So in my hill repeat workouts, I ended the last repeat when I was still pumping strong rather than forcing an extra one or two. I like this approach and have mostly used it on and off throughout my running days, because it leaves you feeling strong and motivated rather than beating yourself into submission, because, really, after so many repeats all you do is drive the stake deeper, where gains diminish.

This was a good reminder to myself for the next phase of my training that will take place after Mount Washington. Instead of logging stupid miles on the trail, long miles after the  point of gain, where diminshed returns rule, I will cut out, done. I’d rather enter TransRockies slightly under trained rather than tired and sore.

The upcoming week will be light. I will stick with mostly social runs (easy) and stay easy myself. I will treat this week as dual purpose taper to Mount Washington Road Race and a break before my next phase of training for TransRockies.

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