Training Week 6/13

Training for the week 6/13 to 6/19 was all about preparing myself mentally and physically for the Mount Washington Road Race.

Since I was feeling pretty beat up coming into this week, and since I have been sore in the joints for a few weeks and maybe even months, and since I wanted to beat my finish time of the previous year at the rockpile known as Mount Washington, I didn’t cheat the taper. So the week was truly easy.

And it paid off. I achieved all of my goals at Mount Washington this year. Although I feel like I should be running up the mountain far faster than I do, I am a realist with who I am as a runner and what my weaknesses are. So although I did not run near where I think I am capable, my goals were to run every step of the way and beat my time from last year. I did both. I ran every step of the way, for the 4th time in 4 attempts doing just that, and I beat my time of last year by a whopping 20 seconds.

Mon: 3 miles easy
Tues: 5.65 miles social, easy
Wed: 4 miles easy
Thurs: 3 miles easy, feeling very tired
Fri: 3 miles easy
Sat: Mount Washington Road Race, 7.6 miles @ 12% avg grade, 1:28:33, 20 seconds faster than 2010, 8+ miles in total including warmup, cool down was several PBR’s
Sun: 6.5 mile trail run

This upcoming week will be about trying to properly recover from the rockpile before transitioning into the next phase of my training, where I take on more trail runs and in general work toward TransRockies Run.


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