Training Week 6/20

Training for the week 6/20 to 6/26 was all about recovering from Mount Washington, getting the hammy healed, and resting up before the Cranmore Hill Climb, race number 4 of 6 in the USATF-NE Mountain Race Series.

My left hammy had been pulling something fierce since Mount Washington. It bothered me all week, but I threw in two easy rest days on Friday and Saturday and thankfully the pulling went away. I had no ill effects during the race. So all in all, although it was a sketchy week filled with low energy for running (after effects of Mt. W.) and the hammy, I came out to the other side in good standing. But I was worried about it all week.

Cranmore is one of the hardest races you will ever do. It is hard both mentally and physically. With three identical laps up and down the mountain each time, it is very tough on the body. The ups are long and steep and never-ending, and the downs are treacherously fun and dangerous and fast! Cranmore leaves you more beat up over its almost 8 miles worth of trails than a road marathon would. This is no exaggeration. And I wanted to do well.

The only win of the week on top of being able to race Cranmore hard was Tuesday and Thursday doubles, where I logged some trail miles, one of those with Jay, my TransRockies teammate.

Mon: 4 miles easy
Tues: 5.65 miles easy, social
Tues-II: 7 miles solo trail run (Merrimack River Trail)
Wed: 4 miles slow, easy, hammy hurting
Thurs: 4 miles slow, easy, hammy hurting
Thurs-II: 7 miles trail run w/Jay (Merrimack River Trail)
Fri: 5 miles easy, hammy hurting
Sat: 3 miles easy, hammy better but still there
Sun: 10 miles total – 1+ mile w/u + 12K Cranmore Hill Climb race, 60:32, 51 overall of 300, 8th M40-44, stacked field due to USA Mountain Championship (race report coming) + 1+ mile c/d.

Goal for the upcoming week will be to recover from Cranmore, perhaps getting in some speedplay action, get in a trail run with Jay, and maybe extend the trail run to something longer so that I can call it a week before ramping up mileage for TransRockies in the following weeks.


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