Training Week 6/27

Training for the week 6/27 through 7/3 was about recovering from the beatdown handed out at the Cranmore Hill Climb and getting in some longer (but still on the short side such as to not detract from the mountain series) trail runs. The week had nothing more focused than that. In fact, this week and next (week of 7/4) will be the same — just get through the mountain race series before turning focus to race-specific training required of TransRockies.

It took nearly all week to rid my body of a few pesky twitches, some new, some old, and some chronic, all of which were brought on by Cranmore, but I seem to have done just that.

More troublesome is the fact that my joints seem to be perpetually sore these days. Thinking back to last year during this time, I remember a similar feeling, as the mountain races beat you up in different ways; only these seem to be worse.

Mon: 3 miles easy, slow recovery run from Cranmore
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Tues-II: 5.5 miles SPEED TRACK
Wed: 4 miles easy, hammy pulling hard
Thurs: 5 miles social  TRAILS, hammy and back and upper right calf
Thurs-II: 9.5 miles MV River TRAILS in 1:30 w/Jay, upper right calf not happy
Fri: 2 miles easy, rest day
Sat: 4 miles easy
Sun: 10 miles on Rachel Carson TRAIL (Pittsburgh, PA) in 1:58 w/5000 feet total elevation change (up and down). Trail was so technical and steep that many sections were not runnable.

Quality workouts:

Tues evening: 5.5 mile on the track with Jay and Hank.
o WU – 1 mile ~8:00
o 8 x 800 m w/20 seconds to 3 min rest (complete stop, no active rest)
o CD – .5 miles
*Splits: 3:08, 3:12, 3:08, 3:04, 2:52, 2:55, 2:59, 2:58
*Repeats 1-4 were brisk and then 5-8 aggressive but not all-out.

All in all a good week, but the drive to Pittsburgh killed my lower back. Going to be a week before that gets right.

Goal for the upcoming week is to continue with middle distance trail run, try best to rest the joints, and do well at Ascutney Hill Climb, the last race in the USATF-NE Mountain Series.


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