Training Week 7/04

Training for the week 7/04 to 7/10:

Training for the week was fairly uneventful, though I did achieve what I wanted in a quality but not-too-strenuous-or-long hill workout, and I got in a middle-distanced trail run of 10 miles, which was the second workout of a double with the first being a trail 5.5 miler in the morning, so 15.5 for that day, all on trails.

With the Ascutney Mountain Run at the end of the week, I had originally wanted to run well, and I was prepared to taper for it, the last race of the USATF-New England Mountain Series. But as the week (this being last week) moved along, I decided that because I screwed myself in the series standings by missing Loon, race number five in the series of six, meaning that I plummeted in the standings with no chance of getting back up, I didn’t exactly need to be well-rested. I would, of course, still try my best, and I did, but I wouldn’t scale back training runs as I would have otherwise. Which is how I got in the late week trail 10-miler.

The week…

Mon: 5 miles in Pittsburgh, easy hill run with roughly 750 feet of climbing total.
Tues: 4 miles easy-to-start, tempo-to-finish.
Wed: 8 miles w/7 HILL REPEATS.
Thurs: 5.5 mile TRAIL run, social.
Thurs-II: 10 mile TRAIL run in 1:22, solid pacing, tired toward the end.
Fri: 4 miles easy.
Sat: 4 miles easy start, fast finish.
Sun: 11.5 miles including 3.8 mile Ascutney Mountain Race.

Quality workouts…

Wednesday (8 miles including 7 hill repeats and a lot of tempo running):
o WU – 25 min (including 1 hill and 1 gradual mile long incline)
o 3 x (Haverhill Hill + Aspen Hill)
o CD – 4 min home
*Splits: 2:04, 2:04; 2:06, 2:08; 2:09, 2:11

Sunday (11.5 miles)
o WU – 2.5 miles
o Race – Ascutney Mountain Run – 3.8 mile – 2300 feet ascent-only
o 1.5 miles to summit with fellow Goons and CMS and friends.
o 3.8 + 1 run back down mountain.

Next week…

Goals for the upcoming week will be to recover from a grueling mountain race series and start refocusing to TransRockies. My body has been beat up and very sore in the joints with so many mountain races, nearly one per week for the last eight weeks, so I’m hoping that I will soon feel better and get that zip back in the legs. The zip may take a while, and it may not come back due to upcoming long runs on trails with elevation, but at this point I just want my joints to align better again. I miss feeling fluid on the run. Any run.

Hope to get a few trail runs with at least one longer distance or at least time-wise with my TransRockies teammate. This weekend, if I do not go away, we hope to either hit up Wachusett Mountain for a romp through the woods, or we will head down south of Boston to the Skyline Trail at Blue Hills.

Trail recommendations, and even offers for company, are welcome!

Skyline Trail Map @ Blue Hills:
*Blue dotted trail.


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