Training Week 7/11

Training for the week 7/11 to 7/17 was where I wanted it. I have been feeling far less beat up in the body and specifically the joints, mostly due to having some time away from the grueling beat down handed out in each of the mountain races.

On top of that I am even getting a trace of zip back in the legs. It isn’t always there, but it seems to be coming around at the tail end of runs, where I find myself once again starting to push pace on some basic daily runs when I would otherwise just plod along. Hopefully this trend continues.

On the TransRockies Training front, the week was solid with a middle-distanced trail run on Thursday and a weekend long run on the Skyline Trail, both of which were with Jay, my TransRockies mate.

The week…

Mon: 3 mile easy shake-out run after Ascutney
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Wed: 9 miles TEMPO
Thurs: 5 mile social TRAIL run
Thurs-II: 9.5 mile TRAIL run w/Jay in 1:22
Fri: 4 miles easy
Sat: 12.5 (?) miles on the SKYLINE TRAIL w/Jay in 3:12
Sun: 5 miles easy w/the best wife on the planet

Total mileage: 53.5 miles

Quality workouts…

Wednesday (9 miles over rolling hills course in 1:02:54)
o WU – 1.5 miles
o Tempo pacing rest of way
*Charged rollers on ups and coasted with honest effort on downs to maintain pacing for avg ~7:10 including warm-up.

Thursday (9.5 miles on trails w/Jay)
*Quality run because w/Jay and middle-distanced on trails.

Saturday (12.5 miles in 3:12)
*Long run w/Jay on Skyline Trail.

Next week…

Goals for the upcoming week will be, first and foremost, get in a midweek middle-distanced trail run and a weekend longer one, hopefully both with my TransRockies mate. Other than that it would be nice to layer in at least one day of speed or a nice tempo to reawaken the legs for running fast.


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