Training Week 7/18

Although two weeks late, training did indeed take place for the week 7/18 to 7/24, and it was pretty much where I wanted it.

For TransRockies Training, Jay and I got in a middle distanced trail run on Thursday and a long run on the Wapack Trail on the weekend. Things are coming along for the two of us. Each week we’re getting more and more dialed in to necessary pacing on a variety of terrain and weather conditions. Thursday’s trail run posed a challenge with 96F crazy heat and humidity, but we were able to work through it, albeit very slowly in a working manner that moved us forward and helped us learn a little about each other.

On top of that I was also able to get in a semblance of speed work. Speed wasn’t the best idea, since speed tends to aggravate my left hammy, which has been an issue since my calf seized at National Marathon back in March.

The week: 55 miles

Mon: 4 mile easy run – slow start, fast finish
Tues: 5.65 miles social
Wed: 10.5 miles SPEED w/4 x 1 mile
Thurs: 5 mile solo TRAIL run
Thurs-II: 8 mile TRAIL run w/Jay – crazy heat & humidity
Fri: 3.5 miles easy
Sat: 13+ (?) miles on the WAPACK TRAIL w/Jay in 3:19
Sun: 5 mile social TRAIL run

Quality workouts…

Wednesday (10.5 miles SPEED WORK):
o WU – 2.5 mile jog to park in 22:13
o 4 x 1 mile w/half mile recovery jog
Splits (half, second half = total for mile):
Mile 1 – 2:57, 3:01 = 5:58
Mile 2 – 2:55, 3:03 = 5:58
Mile 3 – 2:55, 3:01 = 5:57
Mile 4 – 2:59, 3:00 = 5:59
o CD – 2+ mile jog home in 17:28

Thursday (8 miles on trails w/Jay)
*Quality run because w/Jay, middle-distanced on trails, and was 96F with high humidity.

Saturday (13+ miles in 3:19)
*Long run w/Jay on Wapack Trail; scaled many peaks; heard what was probably a bear.

Next week…

Goals for the upcoming week will be to boost average mileage with a few doubles so that midweek has three consecutive days of over 10 miles, and a long trail run on the weekend to cap off the week. Should be feeling tired and beat up by week’s end.


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