Training Week 7/25

Training for the week 7/25 to 7/31 was solid with lots of mileage, lots of trails, and lots of time running with Jay, my TransRockies teammate.

Although Jay and I realize that we are probably a month behind in training, we have done quite a bit of work in recent weeks. This week pulled it all together. We are pacing well, keeping conversation strong, and simply having a blast putting in miles together. This week, with three days of 10+ miles midweek, two of which were doubles, and the weekend long run, really put us in a good spot. We’re feeling strong, especially after running up and down and all around Wachusett Mountain on Saturday. We covered nearly 17 miles in just over 3 hours and could have kept going. This is where we want to be. Nice job, Jay!

In addition to this I was able to get in a second straight week of a semblance of speed work. And once again, speed wasn’t the best idea, as my left hammy is grabbing again. Speed is something that I’ll have to knock off until after TransRockies. No worries, though, since speed doesn’t factor into the current goal of running in the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

The week…

Mon: 4 mile easy – slow start, fast finish
Tues: 11.25 miles social + SPEED
Wed: 4 miles easy
Wed-2: 11 miles w/Jay in 1:29:29
Thurs: 7 mile social TRAIL run in 1:08+
Thurs-II: 9.5 mile TRAIL run w/Jay in ~1:25
Fri: 2 mile keep-the-streak-alive run, otherwise rest day
Sat: 17 miles at WACHUSETT MTN TRAILS w/Jay in 3:02
Sun: 5 mile social TRAIL run

Total mileage: 70 miles

Quality workouts…

11.25 miles SPPED WORK in 1:26:
o WU – 45 min easy social jog
o 4 x 1 mile: 5:47, 6:29, 5:45, 6:35
*Splits 1 & 3 were exactly a mile while 2 & 4 were slightly longer and on a gradual incline.
o CD – 10 min back to car
**Didn’t feel all that smooth due to left hammy/sciatic issues.

11 miles w/Jay on paved rail trail.
*Quality run because w/Jay, middle-distanced, held honest pace.

9.5 miles on trails w/Jay.
*Quality run because w/Jay, middle-distanced on trails, and with humidity.

17 miles in 3:02.
*Long run w/Jay up and down and all around Wachusett Mtn. on roads, trails, and fire roads. Solid run for us.

Next week…

With training for TransRockies about to start winding down, Jay and I have one more week of solid training ahead of us. Joint midweek runs might be tough due to schedule conflicts, but my goal is to get in at least two days of 10+ miles and perhaps a third, and to get in at least a three hour run on the weekend. Then that will be it. Of concern for me is my left hammy, so I’ll treat it all week to a foam roller lovefest and try to baby it by skipping speed work.


2 Responses to Training Week 7/25

  1. Paul Bazanchuk says:

    Best of luck in Colorado. Have fun, be safe. Write a nice long report when it’s over 🙂


    • ironboy says:

      Thanks for the good words, Paul. And you can be sure that I’ll not only have a great time in Colorado but that I’ll also write up a nice loooonnnnnng report. It’s only fair! I think I’m hooked on this sport! 🙂

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