TransRockies – Team HumpMe & DumpMe

Now that you have an idea what TransRockies Run is all about, how I came to decide that it was something I had to do, and how I found the perfect teammate, I’m now here to tell you about the team aspect of the race, namely how Jay and I came up with a name for ours.

There’s a story behind everything, right? Right.

Before I go there, let me explain a bit about the team aspect of the event.

TransRockies Run is a six day stage race covering 120 miles in the Rockies. The race starts at 8000 feet of elevation, goes up to a high point of 14,000 feet, only to come back down again. And it does that several times over the course of the week. This is a tough race. Air is thin. Bears are listening. And body’s can only take so much. On top of that, can you imagine running up a damn mountain for three hours only to realize now that you haven’t seen a bloody human in the last two of those hours? Maybe you went off course. If you run trails at all, you know how easy it is to get lost. That’s why we have teams.

Above – A random team working together in the 2010 version of TransRockies Run.

For safety reasons, teammates must run together. This is not a relay. Each teammate runs every step of the way together. If one of us comes into a checkpoint (aid station) or the finish more than two minutes ahead of our buddy, the team is penalized two hours. They want us to be safe. We get that. The side effect is that it’s far more fun that way. It’s a win-win.

So what about my team?

In my previous post I told you how I found the perfect teammate. His name is Jay. I have run a lot of miles with Jay over the last few years while training for various marathons. We are joined by our favorite running club, the Goon Squad Runners, and we have become buds. We have a similar pace. We never run out of stupid shit to talk about. We both like beer. And we both have hot wives. Life is good.

That’s my team, Jay and I.

First order of business for Jay and I, even before a training mile was run, was to tend to a team name. We came up with a few obvious names (“Team Goons”, “Team Goon Squad”, and “Team Goons for Beer”). And we came up with a few not-so-obvious names, some that were so lame they sounded as if from a John Denver song (“Rocky Mountain High?”). Problem was that none of them jumped out at us.

Then one day in an e-mail exchange, we were getting a little pathetic, even juvenile, when Heather (my hot wife) suggested point blank, “How about Team Humpty Dumpty?”

From there the conversation turned goofy. I mentioned that I like to sleep on my stomach. Jay mentioned something about passing gas. We talked about snoring and body odor and camping. Before long, poor Humpty turned into HumpMe, and innocent Dumpty turned into DumpMe. We’re not sure how it happened, but happen it did.

The result: Team HumpMe & DumpMe, that’s me and Jay.

As funny the name is to Jay and I, we realize that it would not be in our best interest to get lost, and if we do to not do it for too long. Can you imagine if we wander off trail for a few hours and come back sweating and tired and foaming at the mouth? When other folks at camp see the smiles on our faces, they might not think it’s because we’re just happy to have finally found our way back.

Team HumpMe & DumpMe, that’s us!

And we won’t even attempt to figure out who is HumpMe and who is DumpMe. We don’t discriminate or cast characters.

For you, my friends, you can feel free to call us Team HumpMe for short. It’s all good.

Check this spot later for a Q&A with Team HumpMe.


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